About the Database of Lutheran Hymns

What is it?

The DbLH, Database of Lutheran Hymns is a not-for-profit web resource with the primary purpose of research for the church. It is being made available at no charge with no profit that servants of the church may use it to benefit them in researching hymns as well as putting together worship services for the glory of the Lord.

This resource contains the title, number, scripture, and tune data of the hymnals of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. It has been designed so that you can search through this information to find the right hymn. In the future, it is planned to have all the authorship credits, copyright data, as well as full texts of the hymn stanzas in this database. However, getting that data electronically and into this database takes an enormous amount of time.

The hymnals included in this database are the following:

Where else can I get this information?

You can of course be "old fashioned" and sit there and page through your various hymnals looking for your answers. It's okay, the books are there for a reason too! The inspiration for this database came from an excel spreadsheet which is available on LCMS.org which has basic cross-referencing data from the Lutheran hymnals. That is also very useful. I've decided to take the hymn information a step further in creating this web resource. I've also made available information about the new LCMS hymnal the "Lutheran Service Book" which the old spreadsheet does not have.

There is also a spreadsheet you can download from this site that contains almost all of the basic hymn name, hymn number, scripture and cross-referencing data from the DbLH. That download is about 1mb in size. The sheets in the spreadsheet are identical to the "All Hymns" and "All Scriptures" reports which you can see on this site.

The Database of Lutheran Hymns MS Excel spreadsheet is available here. [ download ]

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