Hymnal Supplement '98 [all]

102Rejoice, Rejoice, BelieversHS98 801
679Lo! He Comes with Clouds DescendingHS98 802
1207MagnificatHS98 803
1208Lift Up Your Heads, O GatesHS98 804
1125The Angel Gabriel from Heaven CameHS98 805
1209The Night Will Soon Be EndingHS98 806
1210Prepare the WayHS98 807
1128See in Yonder Manger LowHS98 808
1211On This Day Earth Shall RingHS98 809
9A Stable Lamp Is LightedHS98 810
1212Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly LightHS98 811
1213Infant Holy, Infant LowlyHS98 812
1214Where Shepherds Lately KneltHS98 813
109O Jesus Christ, Thy Manger IsHS98 814
1215Christ, When for Us You Were BaptizedHS98 815
1129To Jordan's River Came Our LordHS98 816
1216Come, Join in Cana's FeastHS98 817
1217Jesus on the Mountain PeakHS98 818
1218Alleluia, Song of GladnessHS98 819
817Your Heart, O God, Is GrievedHS98 820
1219Deep Were His WoundsHS98 821
1220The LambHS98 822
1221Cross of Jesus, Cross of SorrowHS98 823
1222In Silent Pain the Eternal SonHS98 824
1223When Israel Was in Egypt's LandHS98 825
1224No Tramp of Soldiers' Marching FeetHS98 826
1225Jesus, Remember MeHS98 827
1227Christ Has Arisen, AlleluiaHS98 828
1228All the Earth with Joy Is SoundingHS98 829
1229Our Paschal Lamb, That Sets Us FreeHS98 830
1230These Things Did Thomas Count as RealHS98 831
1231Long Before the World Is WakingHS98 832
1232Christ Is Risen, Christ Is LivingHS98 833
1233Now Is Eternal LifeHS98 834
1234Holy Spirit, Gift of GodHS98 835
1235O Trinity, O TrinityHS98 836
1236Now Greet the Swiftly Changing YearHS98 837
893Oh, What Their JoyHS98 838
1237Sing with All the Saints in GloryHS98 839
1238Saints, See the Cloud of WitnessesHS98 840
843This Is the Spirit's Entry NowHS98 841
1157See This Wonder in the MakingHS98 842
1239Cradling Children in His ArmHS98 843
1240God's Own Child, I Gladly Say ItHS98 844
1241You Have Put on ChristHS98 845
839We Know that Christ Is RaisedHS98 846
1242In All Our GriefHS98 847
850Now the SilenceHS98 848
844Thee We Adore, O Hidden SaviorHS98 849
1243What Is This Bread?HS98 850
1244Alleluia! Sing to JesusHS98 851
1245Now, My Tongue, the Mystery TellingHS98 852
1246The Infant Priest Was Holy BorneHS98 853
1247Eat This BreadHS98 854
1248You Satisfy the Hungry HeartHS98 855
1249Come, Risen LordHS98 856
365Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to MeHS98 857
1165O Jesus So Sweet, O Jesus So MildHS98 858
1251When I Behold Jesus ChristHS98 859
909What Wondrous Love Is ThisHS98 860
1252No Temple Now, No Gift of PriceHS98 861
1253All Praise to Thee, for Thou, O King DivineHS98 862
1169This Is the Threefold TruthHS98 863
1254Church of God, Elect and GloriousHS98 864
1255Christ Is Made the Sure FoundationHS98 865
1256Be Strong in the LordHS98 866
1257Thine the Amen, Thine the PraiseHS98 867
1258"How Shall They Hear," Who Have Not HeardHS98 868
1259O God of LightHS98 869
1260Surely It Is God Who Saves MeHS98 870
915Rise, Shine, You PeopleHS98 871
1261Listen, God Is CallingHS98 872
1055The Tree of LifeHS98 873
1262Not unto UsHS98 874
1263Fruitful Trees, the Spirit's SowingHS98 875
1264Come, Thou Fount of Every BlessingHS98 876
1265"Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive"HS98 877
826Where Charity and Love PrevailHS98 878
1266How Clear Is Our Vocation, LordHS98 879
1267For All the Faithful WomenHS98 880
1162Praise the One Who Breaks the DarknessHS98 881
930Lord, Whose Love through Humble ServiceHS98 882
1086Weary of All TrumpetingHS98 883
1268Lord of All GoodHS98 884
1269The Temple Rang with Golden CoinsHS98 885
946Lord of All HopefulnessHS98 886
1270Go, My Children, with My BlessingHS98 887
1271Children of the Heavenly FatherHS98 888
1196There Is a Balm in GileadHS98 889
1272When Aimless Violence Takes Those We LoveHS98 890
1273O Lord, Hear My PrayerHS98 891
1274Come, Lord Jesus, Be Our GuestHS98 892
978Praise, My Soul, the King of HeavenHS98 893
17Adoramus Te DomineHS98 894
1275Voices Raised to YouHS98 895
19AlabaréHS98 896
1276New Songs of Celebration RenderHS98 897
1277Father, We Thank TheeHS98 898
1278Great Is Thy FaithfulnessHS98 899
1279Oh, Sing to the LordHS98 900
873Now that the Daylight Fills the SkyHS98 901
1280Greet the Rising SunHS98 902
1281Christ, Mighty SaviorHS98 903
875The Day Thou GavestHS98 904
1282For the Fruits of His CreationHS98 905
1283Eternal Father, Strong to SaveHS98 906
1284AlleluiaHS98 907
1005Sing Praise to the God of IsraelHS98 908
1285Tell Out, My Soul, the Greatness of the LordHS98 909
1286Splendor and HonorHS98 910
1287Lord, Bid Your Servant Go in PeaceHS98 911
1288Jesus Sat With His DisciplesHS98 912
1289KyrieHS98 913
1290All You Works of God, Bless the Lord!HS98 914
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